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Life is filled with joy and wonderful opportunities if we allow ourselves to experience them.  We can all become so much more than we imagine, and achieve so much more than we think. Our only limitation is in our mind and our thought patterns.  Our thought patterns can often be so dysfunctional, that they get in the way of living our life to the fullest, and having the relationships we need and want.  Sometimes we know what we want, but we are reluctant to make changes necessary to achieve those goals.  We do this for various reasons; fear, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, habit. We hold ourselves back. Sometimes our partners hold us back. There are many reasons why we aren’t always the driver of our lives.

Relationships are often the key drivers of change as well as the source of much heartache.  Often it takes a bad relationships to enable us to see the problems that lie in our lives and within our own mind and habits.

This website explores all of those issues. It will explore mindfulness, depression, personality disorders, communication problems in relationships.  It will bring you through heart-break and achievement.  In the end, I hope it resonates and informs for those who need it the most.


  1. This is exactly….what i JUST ASKED FOR…..Some heartfelt real true opinions about life and love. Thank you so much. I resonate with these opinions here thus far. THANK YOU.



  2. You and your site are a godsend. Thank you so much. Keep it going!!!

  3. Hope for help can you send me some information how to help with young adult with no self esteem thank you respectfully Lyne Tyler

  4. Just really appreciating this site. I would love to have a copy of everything here to share on audio. Listening to good advice with another person is always helpful. Being able to rewind and go over again that same advice is a plus. If it ever becomes available on audio please let me know!
    Thanks for sharing things from a wise perspective,
    P.S. Many people could really use this advice with an election happening that allows people who are chosen as our leaders to skew our moral compass.

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