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Do you compromise your integrity?

Reflection on selfDo you sometimes feel like your life is a mess?  You are stressed out and unhappy but you cannot pinpoint why?  Or perhaps you know you are doing everything the way it should be done but still feel stressed and depleted.  Perhaps the reason why you feel this way is because there is something eating away at your self-esteem.

Perhaps you compromised your integrity in the past, and you haven’t come to terms with it.

You are the sum of everything you have done in your life, both bad and good. So it is really important to tie up all of your loose ends.  How you enjoy your day to day life has a lot to do with how you perceive yourself which is something that you build up from everything you have done in the past.

If you feel undeserving of love, or undeserving of a good relationship, it may be because you have lived a life with low integrity.  Deep down inside, you don’t think you deserve the good things that happen to you because you haven’t reconciled your past.  Having integrity is the key to self-esteem.

If your values are not aligned with your behavior, it doesn’t matter if other people find out. You know you are being a hypocrite and your subconscious mind will find ways to tamper with you as a result.

Ways it manifest itself:

Increased self hate

You constantly subject yourself to negative self-talk and judge yourself harshly.  This makes you feel like you are less deserving toward the good things that come your way.


If you have no stress in your life, you create stress.

Disavowing trust for yourself

When your actions don’t reflect your thoughts, your mind learns not to trust you.  This impedes your success because self-confidence in part, involves trusting yourself.

When you live a life where you say one thing, but do another, your mind learns NOT to trust you. This is disastrous to your own success. Succeeding at any challenging task depends on your ability to trust that you will persevere. This is self confidence. When you live without integrity, you kill that self trust. Lack of self-trust holds you back from achieving what you really want and need.

In order to overcome your past mistakes, where your integrity was questionable, you have to tie up those loose ends.

  • If you did something wrong, fix it if you can.
  • If you lied to someone, confess the truth.
  • If you have stolen something, return it.

The cost of living your life without integrity is not worth the loss of your self-esteem.  Honesty is far more powerful than you think. People will respect you for owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility for them.  And you will begin to respect yourself as well.  Living your life with a clear conscience makes the short-term pain of confessions make it all worth while.

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