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Life lessons we could all learn

Life Lessons

The more you know, the better decisions you make

Sometimes we make very bad decisions.  It is because we often make decisions based on who we are right now.  So when the decisions are bad, we end up learning valuable life lessons the hard way.  This in turn has a silver lining that drives us to become better informed. 

Keep your eye on your goals and keep moving forward

Before you can keep your eye on your goals, you have to know what they are. Think about what you want for yourself, for your employment, relationships. Be specific about.

If you are unable to answer these very basic questions, then you are living your life on auto-pilot, simply passing the time, going through the motions of life.  Don’t allow your life to pass you by because even if you have stopped moving forward, it never stops.

Embrace imperfection

We tend to hold ourselves and those we love to different standards than everyone else.  The people we love often can do no wrong even if they do not treat us how we should be treated.  Love clouds our rational thoughts making it difficult for us to see the person for who they truly are.  It can often be a shattering experience to discover that they are imperfect, like the rest of us.

Seek out help from others

A myth often perpetuated is that if we figure out something on our own, we will understand it better.  While it can be gratifying in someways, it also uses up valuable time.  It can often make more sense to leverage the experience of others.  You can’t know everything. When you don’t ask for help, you put yourself into a position that you must everything rather than spending time focusing on your best personal strengths.

People’s personalities don’t change

There are some things about people that change, while other things do not.  Physical appearance changes as we age or gain and lose weight.  We often rethink our values and ideas based on new experiences.  Likewise, people have certain personality traits. Some people are docile and become more docile, or, they toughen up.  But one personality trait never changes. Meanness.

People who are mean often belittle you and say other hurtful things. If they do it once, they will do it again.  This kind of trait rarely changes.

Adversity reveal one’s character

When we experience a significant even in our life, some of our character traits are likely to come out. Traits like courage, cowardliness, betrayal, and loyalty to name a few.

Often people are faced with tragedy.  These events often reveal a person’s true character.  It can be very telling.


If sex is bad after three times, it will unlikely improve.  Nothing can make up for bad sex.  Having sex will not improve a relationship where your partner does not treat you right.

Learn how to lie

Learn how to lie, and when to lie. Sometimes we lie in order to not hurt someone’s feelings.  You will do this when someone asks you if they like their dress.  You don’t want to hurt their feelings and the telling the truth will not have a tangible effect on the relationship. But it is important not to lie or be deceitful about important things.  When you do, it poisons the relationship and often makes it irreparable.

You can not fake love.

Love doesn’t always happen instantly.  In fact, I would venture to say that instant love is not real love at all. It often needs to be developed over time.  However, if you must cultivate it, just like a plant.  When you do so, it will grow and flourish. If you do not, it will never develop, or it will whither and die.

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