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Five ways to destroy a relationship


Destroy RelationshipIt’s easier to destroy a relationship than to keep it together. Relationships are doomed if both partners aren’t a hundred percent committed to making the relationship work.  Unfortunately, people do not know how to do that.

Here are some ways people destroy their relationships

  1. Loss of respect. Name call when you fight. Nothing hurts more than having someone you love call you names.  Embarrassing your partner publicly by making snide or sarcastic comments. Forget  to be considerate and fail to practice basic common courtesies. If you make your partner feel like you don’t respect them, then they will become resentful and begin to stray from you. They will eventually stay away from you and seek attention and validation elsewhere.
  2. Lack of communication. Open and honest communication is the basis of any good and healthy relationship. The most predictable way to destroy a relationship is to keep your thoughts and feelings bottled up. Lie to your partner when you talk and avoid dealing with issues. Pretend there is nothing wrong. If you keep your thoughts, dreams and feelings to yourself, you will lose the connection you have with your partner. The result will be two strangers pretending to connect.
  3. Lack of forgiveness. If you continually bring up the past you will alienate your partner. Make all of your arguments about every disappointment and injury you experienced in the relationship.
  4. Selfishness. Forget about the team, think of yourself first! Relationships are about teamwork and working together as a couple.
  5. Blame your spouse for everything. Don’t take blame or be accountable for anything, not even a little bit.  Blame your partner for all the problems in relationship. Be immature and act as if there are no consequences to your bad behavior. If your partner calls your attention to the problem, it’s not your fault, it is their fault because they provoked you.


  1. Im currently in a relationship with a immature guy and its totally freaking me out if you tell him something than he tells you that you did or you are the same cant deal anymore help please.

  2. Friendships are OK and quite easy going. However, long term relationships are the most challenging thing for emotional immaturity. I pretty much ruined dating relationships with three partners before mainly due to lacking of self-confidence issue. Emotional immaturity also becomes catalyst for internally drifting life and generally makes me to play around on holiday. Unfortunately, character is the hardest thing to change completely.

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