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What is generosity of spirit?

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Children running in a meadowWhen someone describes someone as being generous of spirit what exactly does that mean?  There are words that describe this.  A Yiddish word, Mensch. A good lot, a gem.

A person who is generous of spirit is generally considered a magnanimous person; high-minded, fair, noble, big and worthy. That is where it begins. It’s more than the actions a person does. It is a state of being.  People who are generous spirits tend to extend to others what they want for themselves.  It is the golden rule personified.

A person of generous spirit takes complete responsibility for their lives. They do not blame others or circumstances for their problems.  They step up and do the right thing even when it may be fraught with fear and conflict.  Life challenges, can indeed be grueling and test the most generous of spirits. It takes courage to face ones fears, stand on ones own feet and simply deal with the good and the bad, face on.  By dealing with these things, and taking responsibility when you have erred, you connect with your own humanity.  This in turn help you to accept yourself and heightens yours self-esteem and self-respect.

This sense of self allows you to feel compassion because embracing your own fears takes courage and persistence. It forces you to have compassion for yourself, enabling you to better relate and empathize with others. Compassion for others is a natural result of being aware and conscious of your own feelings.  Your feelings connect you to your own humanity, which in turn, connects you to others.

When you are aware of what it takes to live a consicious life, you can respect others who attempt to do it to. You champion their willingness to try and you want them to succeed.  This feeling is generosity of spirit.  It is a kind of open-heartedness that flows freely touches anyone who can feel it.  It does not manipulate and has no strings attached.

When you have done the work, you know what it is like to do it.  You are able to give just as much as you are able to receive.  You sense of seperateness disappears and it allows you to connect to your core self.

It is Karma. We are all in this thing called life, and we are in it together.

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  1. Thank you for this great and inspiring article. I know someone who has generosity of spirit and you have really described his qualities perfectly.

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